girl and monster

Opening October 9, 2015 – 7pm to 11pm


Arden Marrow Ross
Jay Cabalu
Rachael Stableford
Kathleen McGiveron
Simon LaPlante
Megan Majewski
Kyle Huculak
Flavia Chen
Christel Chan
Brutally Beautiful
Scot Bullick
Mia Dungeon
Jenn Brisson
Colin Tan
Charles Tan
Belinda Williams
Jamil Maom
Jordan Westre
Fiona Tang
Katie So
Kelly Shpeley
Sunny Shah
Jane Q Cheng
Max Parsons
Hayley Steward
Lara Hjorthoy
Lisa Penz
Errol Stussi
Babak Bina
Carime Quezada
Andrew Tavukciyan
Exhibition Closed November 1, 2015

Robots & Monsters


Opening November 14, 2014 – 7pm to 11pm


Jenn Brisson / Phresha / Bianca Lemus / Michael O / Nathan Veiland / James Lloyd / Jane Tian / Lauren Carr / Kaylynn Kallweit / Don King / Zoe Renner-Rao / Mabel Jong / Errol Stussi / Shawn Pedralba / Jake Hope / Kelly Shpeley / Katie So / Priscilla Yu / Colin Johnson / Chris Alderson / Mary Pines / Seb Barnett / Carime Quezada / Corine Bond / Allison Koberstein / Katy Springer / Troy Steen / Shane Molina / Simon Laplante / Ted Munz / Guillem Rovira / Mike Myhre / Jamie Bizness / Zed Alexandra / Tony Velocity / Francis Bantayen / Roxanne Gagnon / Tasha Zimich / Francis Tiffany / Kyle Huculak / Kathleen McGiveron

Exhibition Closes December 7, 2014

ARTWORK postada

Shoes and glasses design / collaboration with TOMS

The Art of Giving – TOMS

» Get ready, Canada! We’re coming at you with three big events, all wrapped into one summer tour across Canada. We’re calling it the Art of Giving tour, where we’re partnering with local galleries and amazing artists from lots of creative spectrums to showcase some unique interpretations of the One for One movement. They’ll be using TOMS Shoes & Eyewear as their canvas and (silent) auctioning their work to benefit local charities.»



(Copyright Yaletown Photography 2014. All rights reserved)

Jewelley design / Collaboration with SA foundation

Servant Anonymous Foundation:

The SA Foundation’s goal is to stop the sexual exploitation and trafficking of youth, women and their children by implementing long-term recovery programs that include housing, life skills development and on the job training.

The Global Wonders Nepali line are handmade products made by participants in the Foundation’s program in Nepal.

Your support enables these young women to develop their skills level, earn fair wages and build self-confidence as they prepare for their new future!.

(Copyright Yaletown Photography 2014. All rights reserved)

The designs are now part of the winter collection:

aretes diseño collar 1 diseño collar 2 diseño collar