TASS / atemporal collection

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Frederick Fung is a talented teacher and designer who invited me to be part of TASS fashion show in 2012.  TASS is a non-profit fashion show dedicated to new talent and creative individuals in Vancouver BC area. 

«This collection was designed a long time ago, inspired in the idea of comfort. I was looking for the best way to enjoy being at home. It was created and inspired by the rainy season when we tend to spend more time indoors, doing quiet activities like reading a book, practicing yoga, listening to music, perfecting arts or just having a cup of tea or coffee. In moments like those, comfort is the perfect partner”

Clothing – comfortable, spacious and light, made of 100% cotton fabrics.

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DIFFUSE / Mounting a Fashion Fun

Hard hard work but with a great result…   Diffuse was a experiment for a cool art gallery in Vancouver;   Ayden Gallery.  I mounted a fashion show with local designers in order to support them to expand their audience.  In this fashion show I had the opportunity to work with designers like MIRA & BELLE, MORENA, FLOATING GOLD ICEBERG, NORA DAWN, FREDERICK FUNG, SHARLYN VANDENBROEK, FALA BY FALA CHIEN and KDON


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This collection is inspired by a mix of cultures and elements, and it was designed for confident, strong, and simple women that value comfort and confidence in their attire. The fabrics used are light, with warm colors and simple cuts. Her 2012 Spring collection invite us to take long summer walks, feeling the cool breeze and freedom along the beach and country side.

KIRA KIRA / winter collection

This was my first fashion show in Vancouver, a good friend invited me to participate in it. I had only one week to create a small collection. I created five designs. This was a big inspiration to me because thanks to this opportunity I started to take more seriously the fashion scene in Vancouver.


Patrick Parenteau 1Patrick Parenteau3Patrick Parenteau2

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«KIRA KIRA is ‘a free to enter’ group exhibition that jewellery brand RUKUS NEW AGE /NEW EDGE /NEW FAKE organises for underground artists to get together and show off their work. The exhibition is about more than fashion and jewellery however, as some of the artists who join are dancers, DJs, installation artists, stylists and so on. KIRA KIRA also holds a reception party for these exhibitors to share their inspiration. While this is not a huge commercial exhibition, it is a very good place to keep your eye on up-and-coming underground Japanese and Vancouver artists.»